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Ciee! This healthy lifestyle the Bride Song Hye Kyo

harga kopi hijau untuk diet

Ciee! This healthy lifestyle the Bride Song Hye Kyo


Jakarta, among lovers of drama Korea, Song Hye Kyo is known as a fairly senior actress, much less her age have also been treading 35 years. But the fact is he doesn't look old. In the various articles mentioned, Hye Kyo does indeed keep the appearance and health through a healthy lifestyle. Such as to preserve the health of her skin, the actress's birth this Daegu avoid foods like chocolate, black tea and soda. Instead, Hye Kyo multiply the consumption of fruit, vegetables and eggs. In particular, Hye Kyo says Korea cuisine is the secret behind his health, especially pumpkin soup which also became her favorite. This Deus Caritas Est in the interview when it was selected as the Ambassador of a leading cosmetic products in the year 2008. Pumpkins are good for health and can reduce swelling in the body ', so I loved it, he said at the time. Even Hye Kyo ensure himself not only can eat, but also make their own cuisine. Gee, it sure would be a boon for Song Joong Ki became the companion of his life. Hye Kyo also emphatically not eating fast food or soft drinks. I prefer fish rather than meat, he added.






For the sake of keeping his performance, Song Hye Kyo rely on pumpkin soup and avid white water drinking. (Photo: Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images)






Read also: Not a strict Diet! This is the secret of the body Fit and Slim Jennifer LawrenceGaya healthy living another enviable spot starring drama from Descendants of the Sun this is the habit of drinking plain water. On the same occasion, Hye Kyo recommend drinking two glasses of plain water so wake up or when the stomach is empty. Not only that, I had a mission to spend 1.5 liters of water a day, he added. Read also: want slim and Charming? Yuk Contek Diet Style 5 Oscar Nominee 2014Bagaimana with sports? Hye Kyo confess to always take the time to work out, even since her debut in Korea entertainment world. Was was 4 times in a week. I did a full-body stretching exercises such as bending over while standing and attempts to touch both my toes, he said. Stretching is also doing after dinner so that the body is not langsingnya melar. In another occasion, Hye Kyo claims to be fond of swimming, figure skating, pilates, yoga, spinning and kickboxing. After the workout, Hye Kyo will perform a relaxation bath with warm water that has been added the spices such as lavender. In addition to relaxing, lavender is proven can eliminate fatigue and stress which is often perceived as one of the artist with the highest paid in Korea.






Charming body of Song Hye Kyo was getting from workout routines as much as 4 times a week. (Photo: Feng Li/Getty Images)






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